A New Greenhouse Design for Growing Vegetables in Dry Areas

I learned about this new development in dryland vegetable farming. It’s a greenhouse that is being developed in Ethiopia.

The system is sort of a combination of condensation collection and greenhouse all in one. One of the challenges in drylands and desert, which is an increasing one for all of us in most places in the world, due to the increasingly unstable climate, is a lack of water.

In my book, Low Water Veggie Gardening: How to Create a Drought-Resistant, Sustainable Vegetable Garden, Conserve Water, and Grow Your Own Food, I explain that one of the ways to help grow vegetables is to collect moisture from the air. Because even where there is little rain, there is often a lot of moisture in the air that can be harvested.

This new greenhouse does exactly that, by collecting moisture-containing air on the walls, then using cool night air and condensation to turn that into water droplets which are then collected and used to water the plants. Simple and ingenious. This short video explains how it works:

You can read more about the greenhouse at this post: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/04/this-innovative-greenhouse-makes-it-possible-to-grow-crops-even-in-the-desert.html

You can find out all kinds of ways to grow vegetables using as little water as possible, in my book. It covers different systems that are used to garden both in the ground and in containers, plus ways to conserve and harvest water, and specific varieties of vegetables that are more heat and drought tolerant.

Find out more about the book here

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I am affiliated to the products on this website. That means that if you click on a link and buy something, I may get a small amount of money. Thank you for helping to support me and my blog!