A Town Where You Can Pick What You Want, For Free?!

Imagine living in a town where vegetables grew at the railroad station, potatoes in front of the police station, herbs on the sidewalks, and all could be yours for the taking, for free. Sound too good to be true? It’s not for the people in Todmorden in the U.K. They have decided that their...

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Victory in the War to Save One Garden

Thousands of supporters were outraged enough to rally for the cause of Memphis, Tennessee school teacher, Adam Guerrero. He was ordered to rip his garden, vermicomposters, and bee hives out, after a neighbor complained. Mr. Guerrero used his garden to teach some of his students about raising vegetables, worms, beekeeping, soap making and how...

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Teaching Kids to Be Self Sufficient Causes Teacher to Go to Court

Yup, what is this world coming to? During these tough times, wouldn’t it make sense for a teacher to keep a vegetable garden and bees, collect rainwater, and teach his students things like how to make soap and biodiesel? Isn’t keeping students off the streets and out of trouble a worthwhile venture? How about...

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No room to garden? Got a truck?

A guy who wanted to grow food. But he had no land. Looked at his truck. Got an idea. Started a revolution. Or a revolution in the making… (If you have the space, there are a lot of toilet tanks that get thrown away every month, only to end up in the landfill. They...

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