How to Cook Vegetarian

How to Cook Vegetarian

Scared Cartoon Pig Funny BBQ Party Invitations by alinaspencil I met a lovely woman at this year’s Herb Society of America (HSA) Educational Conference. She told me her 20-something grandson had just become a vegetarian, and while some in the family were frowning with disapproval, she was frowning in confusion. The problem is that...

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How to Make Grilled Pizza

If you’ve never made grilled pizza before, let me say two words: Pizza Heaven! Some people are apparently afraid that the dough will fall through the grill or stick to it, but the heat will dry the dough and cook it in a matter of minutes, so that is not a problem. But grilling...

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Vegan Pizza Dough Recipes

I recently had a grilled pizza party and tried using three different pizza dough recipes. Here are the recipes and some comments about them. Pizza Dough Recipes Number 1: Vegan Cornmeal Pizza Crust One batch I made was this vegan cornmeal pizza crust, but I used 1-1/2 teaspoons of yeast, not Tablespoons, like the...

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Vegan Ice Cream Cookbook

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