Taste From Heaven

Yesterday I tried a different vegetarian restaurant, Taste From Heaven, which supports the work of the Elephant Nature Park, a haven for elephants rescued from the hands of abusive owners or those who are otherwise unable to properly or adequately feed or care for them. It also helps remove older elephants who are no longer wanted because they are “not valuable.”

Unfortunately, the food was awful, frankly. I had the set lunch menu for 99 baht (about $3 US) and was able to choose one appetizer and one main dish. I chose mushroom fritters, which tasted like salt and chilies and nothing else.

Disappointing Mushroom Fritters

My main dish, eggplant stir fry, had a bit more flavor but was still overpoweringly spicy, despite the fact that I ordered “mild.” The main flavor was the eggplant itself, which was paired with chiles, salt, and soy, plus way too many green onions for even my liking, and I love onions.

Mild Eggplant Stirfry was almost too hot to eat

I might give them another chance, because they have an extensive menu, and I am more than happy to support the Elephant Nature Park, but I was extremely disappointed with that meal.

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