Vegan Artisan Cheese Book Launch Party

artisan vegan cheese book party

If you are able to be in San Francisco this Saturday night, I highly recommend attending the book launch party for Miyoko Schinner’s new book, Artisan Vegan Cheese.

Miyoko is a character, very down to earth, funny, and an amazing chef. I had the pleasure of eating her food, including vegan sushi and more than a dozen of the cheeses from her book, in San Francisco last week.

They were delicious!!!!!!

In fact, I have the book on order right now and am drooling just thinking about it.

What can you expect? Here are some pictures from the event I attended…

artisan vegan cheese platter

Some of the delicious vegan cheeses

You can see a bit of the vegan cheddar on the top left, between the grapes and apples. Then some blue cheese (mmm!) in the middle, and a log on the upper right of cheese rolled in herbs, which included a touch of unexpected mint.

They were creamy, savory, and had wonderful ripe, aged cheese flavor. Simply fabulous.

Almost all are cashew nut based, and some are raw. Each different cheese had a different flavor. Yes, I tasted each and every one!
vegan brie and cream cheese

There was also vegan brie and cream cheese. Lovely and spreadable on crackers or slices of fruit. Yum!

I’ll do a review of the book later, but for now, trust me and jump at this opportunity if you can.

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