Vegan Halloween Party Food Appetizer: Goblin Eyes

vegan halloween party food eyeballs appetizers

Vegan Halloween Party Food Appetizers: Goblin Eyeballs

I found the ideas for these Goblin Eyes vegan appetizers for my Vegan Halloween Party from this site. I liked the idea so much, I stole it.

I used purchased vegan round crackers as the base and made a hummus-like spread with some garbanzo beans, cashew nuts, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and water, all blended in the blender.

The crackers had some of the garbanzo spread onto it in a circular shape. Then a slice of olive was added for an iris. To make the eye look bloodshot, ketchup was piped on to look like veins.

The eyelid is just one of the layers from prepared marinated artichoke hearts, also purchased.

I think the scale was a bit out of proportion. The crackers were too large, and the artichoke leaves were too small, so they looked more like cataracts than eyelids. But the effect was cute, and my guests had fun making them.

Besides, they tasted absolutely delicious and were gobbled up faster than they were made, which was very fast!

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