Victory in the War to Save One Garden

Thousands of supporters were outraged enough to rally for the cause of Memphis, Tennessee school teacher, Adam Guerrero. He was ordered to rip his garden, vermicomposters, and bee hives out, after a neighbor complained.

Mr. Guerrero used his garden to teach some of his students about raising vegetables, worms, beekeeping, soap making and how to make biodiesel. After public protest, including emails sent to Judge Potter, in charge of his case, the court ruled that the garden could stay, provided some changes were made to address public health issues, such as mosquitoes breeding in rainwater collection barrels.

In addition to getting to keep his garden, the court is advocating finding a piece of abandoned land so that Mr. Guerrero can establish a community garden, where others can learn to garden as well. This is a great victory for all of us who try to be self sufficient and reduce our green footprint. Read more about it in this update to the story.

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